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Bliss Medical Systems

We have taken rigid and uncompromising efforts, equipped with essential advancement in the laboratory investigations process for accurate, perfect and flawless outcomes and initiating much more concern and uncompromising care even in small tiny cases for perfect and unblemished results.
We are very proud to declare that we have acquired an optimistic and exceptional brand name for our immense pains. Our efforts are not merely based on the commercial point of view, but we have massive social responsibilities for the care of the public.
We are extremely confident and hopeful that we have been going ahead in the right path and would reach certain constructive horizons in excellence.

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Now COVID -19 Rt PCR packages starts from Rs. 900/-

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We have State-of-the-art equipment for testing

Bliss Medical Systems

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world’s top healthcare service provider at affordable prices with an aim to become a global network of highly automated and sophisticated diagnostic laboratories without compromise on accuracy, quality, technology, standards, customer contentment and morals.

Our Mission

We recognize the value of health and are guided towards creation of healthier community. Provide world class healthcare services at affordable costs. Emphasis on quality, time, accuracy, moral factors in service..
Continued commitment in evidence a based diagnosis over opinion based. Building a professional work environment with respect to personnel, an opportunity for personal & professional growth. Achieve excellence in health service education, Emerge as a preferred Global R&D hub and clinical trials hub Fostering a culture of innovation in all of our activities and supporting exemplary health sciences research.
Bliss Medical Systems

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to provide diagnostic pathological service through our core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, dependability, punctuality, safety, accuracy and honesty. Our “PATIENT FIRST” philosophy makes our mission clear.
We continuously strive to provide the “MOST ADVANCED CARE” to the patients, physicians and the multiple medical centres we serve, by employing the latest technology, equipment, quality control and continuous training programs.